Why rugby is a great sport for kids


There are many sports for kids to choose from these days and how to choose the best sport for your kids is a popular topic of conversation amongst parents. Our view at the Owls is that children should play whatever sport they enjoy the most. Some kids will enjoy the discipline of martial arts, some putting in individual effort in the swimming pool and some can think of nothing better than playing soccer and striving to be the next Lionel Messi.

However, we obviously believe that rugby is a pretty great sport that suits a lot of boys and girls. Apart from being a lot of fun, it  allows them to develop a life-long love of sport, self-confidence and deep friendships. The big smiles on the faces of the kids in the photo after finishing a game on a very chilly Canberra winter morning is certainly evidence of how much fun rugby players can have.

In our club, we have families with multi-generations history of rugby through to families who are new to the sport. Across these families you’ll find some common themes on why they chose rugby:

  • Rugby is a true team sport - every aspect of the game from scrums and rucks and mauls and backline moves requires a team effort. When you go into a tackle you need to know that your mates have got your back to retain the ball and be ready to do the same for them.
  • Rugby has a strong culture of respect. As a contact sport, rugby must be played with the respect for the referee, coaches, opponents and teammates for safety and the enjoyment of all. As such, rugby teaches respect from the beginning and emphasises it all the way through to the top grades. 
  • Rugby builds strong friendships - the team nature of the sport and the culture of respect both help to build very strong friendships within teams. Particularly in community teams like ours, it’s a great opportunity to make friends outside of school.
  • Rugby provides strong role models - at the Owls, we work hard to encourage interaction between the teams of different ages groups and it’s great to see kids of all ages bonding over a shared interest and club spirit. For many kids, their coach is an important role model as well.
  • Rugby helps build self confidence - there is nothing like making a break to score a try or a turning over the ball to save one but more than that, rugby is a complex game which means players are constantly learning new skills in an environment that suits many young people.
  • There are positions in rugby where all shapes and sizes can excel. From the smallest players at half-back to the strongest at prop and the fastest on the wing, everybody can find a position that works to their strengths.

These points are all echoed in the values of rugby: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.

If you’re interested in rugby but would like more information to know if it’s right for you child then  please get in touch at info@owlsrugbyjuniors.com.au and we’d be happy to answer any questions.